Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"That" kid

Usually, it's my kid who is "that kid". You know, the one that you cringe when your child wants a playdate with them. Not because the child is difficult, or because their parents are wackos (well, maybe you do when it's me) but because - what the heck do you feed them? I have seen the panic in parent's eyes when Maisie is dropped at their house, having a child with allergies visit is fraught with danger. What if they accidentally eat something they should not have? What do I have that they can even eat? What about birthday parties when "that kid" is coming but can't eat the cake or the ice cream? It's stressful and complicated.

So, of all people, why am I so annoyed about the little girl Julia is inviting to her party? This little girl is on a macrobiotic diet. Or variation of that. She's vegan and cannot eat sugar or garlic. (Why garlic?) Until recently she was not even allowed to eat honey, since it came from animals. Or fruits and veggies that were out of season. Really?

I guess my problem is because the choice. This little girl's parents are choosing to limit the foods she can eat. Maisie doesn't have a choice. It's not fair. I'm obviously not a gracious, kind person for being irritated by one parent's choice for their child, I'm sure plenty of people don't support all my parenting decisions and choices. I should get over it. But still. It bothers me.

So, while I will send Julia to school with organic honey sticks instead of cupcakes on her birthday and while I will make a vegan, sugar free pizza for Julia's party and buy a vegan sugar free ice cream, I may be grumbling under my breath. But I'll try not to. Because of all people, I should know (and do) better.

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  1. I am so curious: it's impossible to chemically avoid all sugars. Where do they draw the processing line? Is brown sugar out? What about molasses? Agave nectar?

    Now that said, I would never have the discipline to maintain that kind of diet, but I do admire it. It's just not a great choice if you happen to like, well, socializing.