Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boo! at the UU

I took Maisie to the Unitarian Universalist Church Halloween party last night. I would have taken Julia too but she'd already weaseled herself an invite from her friend and called Dave at home (sick) to get me to bring her costume to school. That way she could just go directly with all the bffs to said friend's house after school to prefunk, 4th grade style, before the par-tay. Fourth graders are just cool like that, ya know. Super hip.

Anyway, the party was pretty fun for the kiddos. There were cake walks, games, a haunted hike, craft projects, fortune telling and donut eating. Here's a bowling, witchy Roo:
Madame Zolankja will read your cards, for a small fee. (your soul. Buhwaw-ha-ha!)
Do clowns dress up as laser physicists for Halloween?
Julia goes into sugar induced coma:
Maisie has the opposite reaction:
Donut eaters gobble dangling delicacies. How fast can you eat suspended food?
A good time was had by all. Julia and the bffs headed over to yet another friend's house for a slumber party (not mine this time - yippie!) and Maisie and I went home. Maisie was not bummed out by her lack of slumber partying because she won a door prize. Ooh, ahh! What was in the selection of fabulous door prize at the UU Halloween party? A gel like plastic spiky dog collar full of blinky LED lights. Jealous much?


  1. I'm jealous! Sounds like you guys had fun-- I love Halloween!!

  2. Do you go to the UU church or just crash their parties?

    Great pictures! & I'd really like to know where they found that dog collar.