Thursday, October 15, 2009

The difference between boys and girls-

When I send the girls to clean their rooms they either sit in there and wail about how it's "tooo-o messy/hard/boring" and they'll never be done -or- they just go in there, sit amongst the clutter and start up a new game of pretend with what ever assorted junk happens to be out.

Now the Y chromosome seems to prevent all of that from happening. Send a boy (or man for that matter) to clean a room. Tell them they can have dessert when they are done. What happens? Five minutes later they come running back - done. Why? Because they are smart enough to figure out how to do a 1/2 assed job and make it look good. Even at age 4. Throw it under the bed, hide it behind the door, pile it up in a big lump on the shelf. Out of sight, out of mind. Done. Tate can clean his room at light speed. It'll serve him well. And drive his wife absolutely crazy.

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