Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where ya' been?

I haven't had much to say here this week. Why? I've been in the middle of some ugly bs and had flames coming out of my ears. It's not been pretty. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut. Not an easy task. I was at a meeting last night and knitting in order to stay quiet. My stitches got tighter and tighter until my needles started squeaking. It was nice to have a giggle about that in the middle of a tense situation.

Without further ado, however, here's what we've been up to:

Maisie came in this weekend clutching a handful of grapes: "Mom, look what I found!". Yup, there is a grape vine behind the climber between our house and the neighbor's. I thought it must belong on the other side of the fence and had just sent some runners over to our side, but it turns out it's ours. Huh. Who'd have thunk it? We certainly didn't notice it last year, but someone must have planted the grapes - there is a post that looks like it might have been part of the vine support at one time. Now the vine goes across the fence, through blackberries and ivy and up into the neighbor's cherry tree. We were able to haul the ladder over, through the St, John's wort and brambles and harvest a large basket worth of organic (no one's touched the vine in years - it's certainly pesticide and herbicide free), yummy grapes.

Can you see the grapevine? Can you even say "grapevine" without your feet wanting to do a "grapevine"?

No? How about now?

And lookie what's in the cherry tree!

Also this weekend, the girls got their ears pierced. Maisie chose ruby studs, since her birthday is in July and she played a character in her class play last year named "Ruby".

It's not a very good picture, Maisie doesn't photograph well when asked to pose. She either looks like she's pissed off or like a total cheese ball (dairy free cheese, of course).

Here's Julia. She wanted little flowers made from pink and white jewels.

And she's been a victim of demonic possession. Don't look at the red glowing eyes!!! You'll be blinded and under her spell! Of course, a Julia spell would be something along the lines of (put your Transylvainian accent on here) "you will buy me every Littlest Pet Shop ever made, buhwah, ah, ah, ah!".

Here's a snippet of how to tell your child goes to Waldorf school. They do this to their brother's trucks:

Yup. Trucks covered in gnomes, silks and woven fairy crowns. (Hmm, that's the second "yup" in this post. Time to buy a thesaurus.)

Lastly here's some Oregon fall colors for you:

Shooting stars and dogwood putting on a show. (You can click the pictures and make them huge, FYI.)
Alright that's it for now. I'm off to pick up my bridesmaid's dress - yup, (hey, there's that word again!) I get to be a bridesmaid! Alison won't let me be the flowergirl. :( And then I need to deliver some chick music and a crayon color bracelet to a pregnant friend who, after we read her cards at Tea and Tarot yesterday, was discovered to be too low in yin and in need of some feminine energy. (Just when you thought this was going to be a normal blog entry! Ha - welcome to my Hippietown life!)

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  1. Hey look! It's Big Gay Al's Big Gay construction site! With gnomes!