Friday, November 20, 2009

Mental Health Day

We are taking a mental health day today. Completely skipping school and all our responsibilities. Well except for Dave, who doggedly trudged off to work in the pouring rain, muttering about maybe coming come for lunch. Too bad that someone had to be a responsible adult today.

Our plan is pretty simple. Veg out and watch PBS (why they still like these dumb shows. I have no idea) in our jammies. Eat pancakes. Drink chocolate milk (cow or potato depending on preference and needs). Eventually get dressed. Go to WalMart (yes, we know they are the devil, but it's hard to have principles when you are broke). Rent some movies from the redbox or buy one from the $5 display. Buy some "junk food". Pick up a pizza on the way home. Veg out some more.

Now, you should know that our definition of "junk food" is pretty loose. Julia will chose something like tortilla chips as her treat. Or something bread based. She loves bread so much I'd wonder if she's allergic, except I've tested her twice, and she's not. She's just weird. Tate will want drinkable yogurt because, as always, he'd rather drink than eat. And $50 says Maisie will choose satsumas. We've not had them yet this year. She'll want to carry the box through the store, no way will she put it in the cart. And when we get home I'll have to keep reminding her to slow down and not eat them all at once. She'll still eat about 10 today.


  1. Sounds awesome. And those satsumas look yummy.

  2. Julia likes all those bready things because it is the opposite of what Maisie eats. Sheesh!! Don't you know anything about sisters who are 18 months apart? :P