Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in pictures

This Christmas:

we made cookies for Santa,

visited the Mall Santa to give him our gift requests,

and thought long and hard about what our hearts desired.

And Santa came!

And the kids were totally excited!

Even Josie got something.

Tate got a confetti blaster. Thanks, Mom.

Tate got more Star Wars stuff,

and Rooster got Peeps.

Tate was full of cheese,

and my in-laws got him a gun. And a helmet.

My sister and her husband showed up, surprising everyone.

We burnt off some Christmas crazy hiking Spencer's Butte.

It was a long walk,

but we made it to the top

and posed for pictures.

The kids had to get to the tip top and scaled some high rocks,

and stood at the highest point in town.

And then we hiked back down.
The End.

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