Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesus freak

Tate is obsessed with Jesus. Why, I have no idea. He has never been to church. Well, he's been to the UU church occasionally, but refuses to attend any religious education. Heck no, he won't go! We are not religious people. The kids know some Bible stories as stories only. The same way they know Greek myths. However, since I have a weird thing about Mary, at Christmas I set up a nativity and we read First Christmas books and listen to Christian music. Tate helped set up the nativity. Maybe he heard me say "Jesus" then. Although why that made more of an impression than "Gaspar" and "Melchior", is anyone's guess.

So we are back at the Jesus obsession. Jesus this, Jesus that. "Does Jesus have Elvis in him?" Stories about Jesus and the Jedi Knights. "Did Jesus fight with a lightsaber?" "Well, he should have, then he wouldn't be dead!" Who told Tate Jesus was dead? And that he was killed? Today he went on and on about how the Grinch killed Jesus. Really? It became a little disturbing and I had to tell him to "STOP TALKING FOR 5 MINUTES, PLEASE!". Because it was too weird.

Sometimes I think Tate rides the short bus, he's just not the sharpest tack in the box. He can't remember his friend's names. For real. Even when repeatedly reminded: "That's not Aaron, Tate. It's still Rain, pay attention." And then he says weird, philosophical things like "if another meteor hit the earth, would the dinosaurs become un-extinct?" and goes on about how the Grinch killed Jesus. And I wonder, if maybe he's not so simpleminded afterall.


  1. Thats what you get for wanting to take Christmas Eve off you non believer! Its coming back to bite-cha:)


  2. I am so tempted to buy him this: