Sunday, September 20, 2009

And last, as always, is the Tate

Poor Tate-o. Always last and drug along behind his sisters. Not only is he 4 years younger but as the only boy he is forced to play American Girl dolls, Littlest Pet Shop and be the afterthought when planning sleepovers, and riding back and forth in the car while I drive them hither and yon. Fortunately he's grown enough into his own unique soul that he gets to go to school by himself and make his own friends and adventures this year.

Tate has fists of steel and likes to show off how hard he can punch. He is sunny and easy going and can be quick to temper, but has a moderate amount of self control. He is famous for having punched out another child's tooth, but the tooth in question was already loose and luckily for both of us, the rough housing was consensual. It was a close call that required a lot of discussion about using one's Super Hero strength for good, not "eee-vil". Tate fully believes he is a Super Hero. He does "action moves" (Action is his reward, ya know. Just ask Spiderman) for anyone holding a camera.

Tate is a Mama's Boy, the only one of the kiddos who didn't want to go to preschool: "It's no fun without you, Mom" and the only one who ever left their bed in the middle of the night to crawl into mine. Tate has a great way of mis-pronouncing words in hysterical ways. He has a pet "nakey" and eats "damn crackers" with Nutella and drinks "nalky". His loves to drink any beverage, he'll be a great frat boy one day. Watermelon is his favorite food "'cause it has a drink in it, Mom". Every sentence starts with "Mom" and ends with "Mom". My morning routine starts with "Mom, I peed in my bed, Mom" or "Mom, tan you det me someping to eat, Mom?". Tater loves all things reptilian and amphibian. He likes bats and spiders. "Don't kill it, Dad!!!" is his frequent holler when there are trespassing insects underfoot. Julia unfailingly rescues the offending arthropod or vermin and flings it outside. Tate loves bugs only from afar.

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