Thursday, September 24, 2009

The "Secret Club" - sshhhh!

Julia came home yesterday with two envelopes. "Please open at home" and "Please keep secret".

One was from her bff. It reads:

Dear: Julia
we would like you
to join are club. it is a
webkinsclub. We Will meat
at the garden at reces.
only on Monday and Friday.

From: (bff) @ Julia
To: Julia

The other envelope was from two 5th graders Julia knows. It is two pieces of paper. The first reads, in beautiful cursive:

we would like you to join our bike group.
we will hopefuly have a group of people to ride
to the park with. we will need a permission
slip siged by your perents. please respond

The other paper reads:



do you have a denom or lether jacket if you dont please get one.

you maust were a darck colored shirt, and jeens!!!!

you maust have a sick bike!!

listen to your capten!!!!!!!!

stay rite bhind your capten in less they say so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please were good shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia is thoroughly excited to join both clubs. I, on the other hand, am getting a good chuckle over the whole thing. Secret bike riding clubs? "Sick" bikes? The spelling and enthusiasm of 4th and 5th graders are so wonderfully sweet and absolutely hysterical.

The secret club idea has permeated down the hall to the 2nd grade as well. Last year as first graders the idea of "clubs" was certainly out there but it seemed to be more about who was playing with whom on any given day. Things have definitely evolved since then. I had to stay after school last week and talk to Maisie's teacher about an "incident" that had happened that day.

Apparently Maisie and at least 2 other friends decided to arrange a secret club meeting in the bathroom during Spanish class. The first friend asked to be excused and squirrelled herself away in a stall. A few minutes passed. Next Maisie need to visit the facilities. They were gone for a while before a 3rd child started to insist that SHE had to go to the bathroom as well. Maisie and said friend were not back. Maisie's teacher, not having been born yesterday, went to the bathroom to see what was going on. Maisie and friend were together in a stall giggling. "What are you girls doing in here together?" asked the teacher. "Umm, we were, umm... just looking at the toilets!", explained Maisie. Teacher, of course, does not buy this explanation and Maisie's friend confesses to secret plans. Foiled, the girls returned to Spanish class. They will of course, make more secret plans another day. And I will, almost certainly, have to stay after school again to hear what trouble Maisie has gotten herself into.

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