Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet the Doodle

This is Julia. Also known as "The Doodle" or as her brother pronounces it "Eea". Or if her siblings are being silly or trying to get a dig in, "Eea-Peea". Julia is living in the wrong day and age. She belongs on a farm. Or in a zoo. She's the kid who loves everyone's dog, cat, fish, lizard, hampster and wants one or six of her own. We're working on it. She's gotten herself a cat and a couple bunnies in the past 2 years. She wants a dog next. I'm not ready for that.

Julia loves to get along with everyone and be part of the group. She's what we,in my family, call a "Fun Girl". Always up for an event that requires giggling, hanging out and if she's very lucky, chocolate. She's a girl's girl. Stuffed animals and doll clothes liter the floor of her room. She is young at heart and still likes to run on all fours like an animal. She is the one who really needs to be in the Waldorf Hippie School. She would have been crushed by peer pressure and trying to be cool at public school. We tried it in Kindergarten. She made it three months. I yanked her out and we've been wierd-o Waldorf parents ever since. But that's another story. For now just enjoy the Julia-ness of these pictures.

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