Friday, September 18, 2009

Who this heck is this girl?

Who am I? Why am I writing a blog? Uh, well I guess the answer is I'm a funny short person too old to be hip and too young to be matronly. I like to write. I think better in print than I do in conversation. I've got some kiddos who do things and a husband who doesn't. Or vice versa. You never can tell what all's gonna happen in a given day. Humor keeps me sane or at least out of Happy Dale Sanitarium.

I'm a housewife. I wash things, fix things and cook things. It's not all bad, but not all that fun either. I've got a bunch of wacky girl friends who are more amazing than I could ever hope to be. They are healers, bronze casters, singers, actors, dancers, Mormons, Hippies, meth addicted Republicans, and everything in between. They buy me coffee when I'm broke, take me out for $10 cake orgies when I've been publicly called out by a pissed off, gun buying snatch potato and come help paint my patio and install light fixtures. I try to return the favors when I can and even when I can't. You got nothin' if you ain't got friends.

What else is important enough to write? I volunteer for a bunch of different groups. The autism ones who kick ass - TACA, ARI and Gen Rescue. I had a few seconds of fame when I wrote up the true story of my middle daughter for Jenny McCarthy's book. Being a chapter of a book on the NYT bestseller list was a odd but exciting. I'm kind of a dork about autism and vaccines. I get a little pissed off when people poison my kids. There will be a vent on that coming later, don't worry.

I also volunteer at the Hippie School where the kiddos all go. But only where I can actually get stuff done without a load of bureaucracy or bull crap. I am sadly lacking in patience when it comes to being diplomatic and spouting the party line. I would not be a good spokesperson for any group. But if you want someone to organize, re-arrange, problem solve or write a scathingly direct email - I'm your girl.


  1. Happy Dale Sanitarium! Happy DALE! That's D like when you dig a lock, A as in Arsenic....

    Wait, you know meth-addicted Republicans?

  2. "No, I'm not drunk Madam - but you give me an idea!"

    And yes, Jen. I do. Just one. And I count her among my dearest friends. She's still more sane than a lot of folks we know. ;)