Thursday, September 24, 2009

The time has come!

This is why my kids go to the Waldorf school. Strings class 3 times a week. Art, music, movement are all as important as math and reading. Julia was a proud peacock to have gotten old enough to finally be a 4th grader and play flute and a string instrument. Bff is playing violin too so Julia took it upon herself to call up arrange practice sessions on Monday and Friday after school with her. I'm excited for her to learn so I can put her on the street corner with her case open, playing to raise tuition money. (j/k)


  1. Am I crazy, or is Julia starting to look like Gwyneth Paltrow?

  2. This is EXACTLY what I miss about EWS. My son was playing the cello beautifully for the year before we moved away. While our move was a very great adventure, I was so sad to see the cello leave his life. It was very difficult to replace because it was exactly as you describe, everything that surrounded it supported and made possible the addition to a great teacher of course, whom I also miss...

    If she decides to pursue and you want to do private lessons, David Straka, who lives in West Eugene near Churchill HS is an excellent teacher. He's a member of the Eugene Symphony and had a calm style of teaching and was incredibly talented at teaching our son, who thrived under his tutelage.