Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet Conventional Dad

I married a guy named Dave about 10 years ago. Why? Because I knew he'd be a great Dad. Because he is always on my side when I am righteously (or not) angry. Because he's the easy going one who lets me have my way when I really need it and gets out of the way when I'm in a twitch. Because he is not an animal person but never once mentioned he had a hard time with the 3 cats I had when we met. He even took one of them to the emergency vet across town in the middle of the night. Because even now when he comes home and has to face his proud son standing next to an aquarium with a pregnant snake in it he does not scream, argue or even groan inwardly at the fates for aligning his phobic star with our zoo.

Conventional Dad thinks nothing of driving an extra 5 hours after attending his sister-in-law's wedding so his wife and daughters can visit the American Girl doll store. Conventional Dad happily drops them off, clutching dolls and debit cards, cheerfully hollering as he pulls away: "We'll be at the beach - just call us when you're done. Have a good time. No hurry!". Conventional Dad only required an In-And-Out Burger hat as a souvenir. Conventional Dad is a little wigged out by some of the unusual (and even the not-so-unusual) goings on at the kiddos' Hippie School, yet he trusts that even without a sports program, his kids are getting a great education. Conventional Dad fears dirty feet, foods near their expiration date and public bathrooms. Life Amongst the Hippies is not easy for him, but he does all right.

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