Sunday, September 20, 2009

And then there's the Rooster...

Ah, Maisie Beth. How to fit this kiddo into words on paper, I have no idea. Maisie is what my old boss at the Preschool used to refer to as "a piece of work". My friend Carolyn thinks she's really an old chain smoking French lady; raspy voice and scathingly accurate commentary. She's an enigma - old beyond her years but still wants to hold hands while crossing the road. Maisie courts controversy to her like yellow jackets swirl over your late summer barbecue. She gives away her toys, taunts her brother by belittling his favorite Super Heroes and conspires with her classmates to skip Spanish class to attend a secret bathroom rendezvous. She will not be tamed, is insusceptible to peer pressure and never changes her mind. She can hold a grudge and love unconditionally. She's the kid teachers adore. Or the one who causes teachers to rethink the wisdom of their chosen occupation's effects to their sanity.

Maisie is a recovered autistic child. She can't touch, eat or even breathe in gluten. She hasn't had it or dairy in 6 years. She gave up soy last year. Maisie hates being different and loves being different depending on the circumstance and sympathetic ears in range. She adores American Girl dolls, monkeys and camels. To be completely honest, she is Kipling's camel. It's one of her favorite stories. I alternate between wishing Maisie was easier, softer, more pliant less complicated and being fiendishly proud of her. She's on an intense journey in this life, but with her comedic wit, perfect timing and iron will, she'll get on all right.

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  1. what an honor to your daughter. beautifully written, thanks for sharing. I see the 2nd grade classroom! Yea! Is that Mrs. Schwanekamp in the background?!! She's fabulous!

    Forgive the million comments, here...I don't know a single EWS friend who has a blogs-it's not really a hippie thing, as you know.

    You're getting the brunt of my enthusiasm!